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Understanding The F Word

ISBN 10 : 1475906897
ISBN 13 : 9781475906899

By offering a radical review of the last one hundred years of US history, this work is intended as a counterpoint to the rampant revisionism of the flurry of books glorifying the "..

Managing Computer Numerical Control Operations

ISBN 10 : 9780872634664
ISBN 13 : 0872634663

Provides the ideas, guidelines and techniques you need to capture the full potential of your CNC equipment. Nearly every aspect of CNC operations is addressed and the book is organ..

The Other F Word

ISBN 10 : 9781452578491
ISBN 13 : 1452578494

Does the thought of forgiveness make you cringe? Do you hate the idea of forgiving someone who has wronged you, believing it’s a waste of time? Then THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! If you..

The F Word

ISBN 10 : 0595604455
ISBN 13 : 9780595604456

In The 'F' Word: Good Words for Great Leaders, the leadership lexicon of freedom, focus, fidelity, fortitude, forbearance, forgiveness, and faith represent seven tenets for those w..

The F Word

ISBN 10 : 0868408239
ISBN 13 : 9780868408231

This book is about the work/life balance and the conflicting messages women receive about how they are supposed to live. It is also about the state of feminism as a concept today f..

Understanding Dogmas And Dreams

ISBN 10 : 9781483371115
ISBN 13 : 1483371115

Nancy Love’s concise yet complete volume aims to inform students of their choices among political values. By exploring the assumptions of various ideologies and comparing their p..

The Other F Word

ISBN 10 : 9781119017677
ISBN 13 : 111901767X

Leverage the power of failure in your organization Nobody wants to fail, but failure is a fact of life. Most of us treat it as a regrettable, even shameful, event best overlooked. ..