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The Ethics Of Influence

ISBN 10 : 9781107140707
ISBN 13 : 1107140706

In The Ethics of Influence, Cass R. Sunstein investigates the ethical issues surrounding government nudges, choice architecture, and mandates...

The Ethics Of Influence

ISBN 10 : 0953951790
ISBN 13 : 9780953951796

Should companies seek to influence government and politics?What are the ethical and business issues they should considerwhen making political donations and lobbying government?Base..

China Media The Ethics Of Influence

ISBN 10 : 0646374516
ISBN 13 : 9780646374512

Australia's leading business communicator, Thomas Murrell, interviews media operators, journalists and public relations consultants on the changes happening in China's media indust..

The Ethics Of Legal Coercion

ISBN 10 : 9789400972575
ISBN 13 : 9400972571

Are all of the commonly accepted aims of the use of law justifiable? Which kinds of behavior are justifiably prohibited, which kinds justifiably required? What uses of law are not ..

The Ethics Of Invention Technology And The Human Future

ISBN 10 : 9780393253856
ISBN 13 : 0393253856

We live in a world increasingly governed by technology—but to what end? Technology rules us as much as laws do. It shapes the legal, social, and ethical environments in which we ..

The Ethics Of Destruction

ISBN 10 : 9780801471681
ISBN 13 : 0801471680

Many assume that in international politics, and especially in war, "anything goes." Sherman famously declared war "is all hell." The implication behind the maxim is that in war the..