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Download art of advocacy series cross examination of non medical experts Book Free

Art Of Advocacy Series Cross Examination Of Non Medical Experts

ISBN 10 : 9781579110611
ISBN 13 : 1579110614

Learn how to undermine an expert's testimony by showing bias, lack of qualification, inconsistency with prior statements, etc., how to use a witness to prove your case and how to c..

Art Of Advocacy Series Cross Examination Of Medical Experts

ISBN 10 : 9781579110536
ISBN 13 : 1579110533

Renowned medico-legal authority Marshall Houts and others analyze the cross examinations of leading practitioners that illustrate: • the impeachment of an expert witness • prov..

Art Of Advocacy Series Direct Examination

ISBN 10 : 9781579110567
ISBN 13 : 1579110568

Using a variety of direct examinations from actual trials, this work analyzes: establishing loss of future earnings in work injury, medical malpractice, and products liability case..

Art Of Advocacy Series Preparation Of The Case

ISBN 10 : 9781579112721
ISBN 13 : 1579112722

A planning guide that takes you from the moment the potential client steps into your office, through all aspects of case preparation, to the moment you step before the judge as an ..

Art Of Advocacy Series Discovery

ISBN 10 : 9781579110635
ISBN 13 : 1579110630

Covers the following areas of practice: • Depositions • Interrogatories and requests for production of documents • Requests for admissions • Combined discovery demands Firs..